FORSYS - (Industry/Partner) Seminars

  Date Referent Titel
10.12.2008 Ilka M. Axmann Quantitative analysis of bacterial gene regulation by small RNAs
03.04.2009 Katja Rateitschak Interferon gamma stimulated STAT1 signalling in pancreatic stellate cells: From experimental data to mathematical models
03.04.2009 Nils Blüthgen Why do signalling pathways induce their inhibitors?
10.11.2009 Ralf Steuer Computational Models of Metabolism: Dynamics, Monte-Carlo Methods and Biotechnological Applications
11.02.1010 CovalX, Zürich High-Mass MALDI ToF Mass Spectrometry and Chemical Cross-linking for interaction analysis
14.07.2010 Juli Vera, Rostock Investigating the molecular basis of the Cancer/Aging link through Systems Biology

FRISYS - Seminars

26.03.2010 Dr. Jill Harrison, University of Cambridge Exploring the origin of leaves