Introduction to Systems Biology

Time: Monday & Thursday 09:00 c.t.
Location: Lecture Hall Institute of Biology I Hauptstr. 1
WS 2010/11
28.10.2010 Hess Systems biology of RNA: Basics and regulation
04.11.2010 Backofen Systems biology of RNA: Modelling and computation
08.11.2010 Fleck Pattern formation in biology I
15.11.2010 Brandenburg Systems toxicology
18.11.2010 Brummer Signal transduction networks and cancer biology
22.11.2010 Reski Moss systems biology for translational research
25.11.2010 Dengjel Quantitative mass spectrometry-based proteomics
29.11.2010 Fleck Pattern formation in biology II
06.12.2010 Driever Analysis of transcriptional networks controlling growth and differentiation in animals
09.12.2010 Schamel Signal transduction networks in immunology
13.12.2010 Pfaffelhuber Chemical reaction network theory
16.12.2010 Weber Synthetic biology: basics, design principles, modelling of gene networks
20.12.2010 Busch Self-organisation, emergence and attractors in complex cellular networks
10.01.2011 Busch Modeling dynamic gene regulatory networks
13.01.2011 Schmidt Systems biology of C. elegans
20.10.2011 Rotter Structure and dynamics of neuronal networks in the brain
24.01.2011 Timmer Robustness of bacterial chemotaxis
27.01.2011 Becker Autosignalling in bacteria
31.02.2010 Lebiedz Optimal control in biomedicine I
03.02.2011 Timmer Modellingof the JAK/STAT signaling pathway
07.02.2011 Lang Tools for large-scale computational and systems biology