Currently, these groups from the University of Freiburg participate in FRISYS:
Group leader Department (Faculty)
Prof. R. Backofen Bioinformatics (Faculty of Applied Sciences & Computer Sciences)
Prof. A. Becker Molecular genetics (Faculty of Biology)
Prof. Th. Benzing Internal Medicine (Faculty of Medicine)
Dr. H. Busch FRIAS (Cell control and communication)
Prof. W. Driever Developmental Biology (Faculty of Biology)
Dr. Christian Fleck Development in Plant Biology, Pattern Formation, Biological Physics (Faculty of Mathematics and Physics)
Prof. W. R. Hess Genetics and Experimental Bioinformatics  (Faculty of Biology)
Prof. Th. Laux Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology of Plants  (Faculty of Biology)
PD Dr. D. Lebiedz Modeling and Scientific Computing (ZBSA, Faculty of Biology)
Prof. K. Palme Plant Physiology (Faculty of Biology)
Prof. P. Pfaffelhuber Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
PD Dr. S. Rensing Faculty of Biology
Prof. R. Reski Plant Biotechnology (Faculty of Biology)
Prof. E. Schäfer Developmental Biology of Plants (Faculty of Biology)
Prof. Dr. W. Schamel Cell Communication and Signalling (Faculty of Biology, BIOSS and MPI of Immunobiology)
Prof. M. Reth Molecular Immunology (Faculty of Biology and MPI of Immunobiology)
Prof. Matias Simons Faculty of Medicine
Prof. J. Timmer Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
Dr. Zhike Zi Mathematical modeling and quantitative analysis of signalling pathways (BIOSS)
FORSYS Partners:
Young Investigators
Dr. Ilka M. Axmann Institute for Theoretical Biology, Humboldt University Berlin
Dr. Nils Blüthgen Charité Berlin
Dr. Katja Rateitschak Institut für Informatik, Universität Rostock
Dr. Julio Vera González Institut für Informatik, Universität Rostock
Industrial Partners
Cyano Biofuels GmbH
Saaten Union (Koordinator: Alexander Dovzhenko)