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Time: 15:15 Location: Room 00.043 at ground floor Schänzlestraße 1
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Fri. 16.12.11

Jens Timmer Systems Biology of the Epo Receptor
  Thu. 24.11.11 AG Benzing cancelled
Thu. 27.10.11 Noortje Kornet, AG Laux Stem cell and differentiation factors in the Arabidopsis root
Thu. 29.09.11 AG Fleck / AG Schäfer Christian Fleck Increasing the understanding of Light Sensing in Plants through Theory and Experiment
summer break
Thu. 28.07.11 AG Reth, Dr. Britta Blumenthal CANCELED
  Thu. 16.06.11 Cancelled to be announced
Thu. 12.05.11 Dr. Daria Onichtchouk AG Driever Pou5f1 - stem cell factor in embryo
Thu. 14.04.11 Dr. Hauke Busch A Modeling Approach to Electrotaxis in Primary Human Keratinocytes
Thu. 24.03.11 AG Rensing Unraveling transcriptional networks by use of microarray and RNA-seq data
Thu. 24.02.11 AG Simons Electrochemical control of Planar Cell Polarity
Thu. 27.01.11 Prof. Wolfgang Schamel, AG Schamel Ligand discrimination by the T cell antigen receptor
Thu. 09.12.10 Prof. Wolfgang Hess Differential RNA-seq identifies a new player in the differentiation of N2-fixing cells in Cyanobacteria
  Thu. 25.11.10 AG Schäfer cancelled
  Thu. 28.10.10 Cancelled  
Thu. 30.09.10 Dominic Rose, AG Backofen Computational RNomics: The long and the short of non-coding RNA prediction
August: summer break
July: summer break
Thu. 24.06.10 Elisabeth Truernit (AG Laux), Christian Fleck Searching for stability: Several factors control shoot stem cell maintenance
Thu. 27.05.10 Dr. Zhike Zi How cells quantitatively read TGF-ß signal?
Thu. 22.04.10 Prof. Anke Becker How stress promotes bacterial communication

Thu. 25.03.10

Seminar room ZBSA

Dr. William Teale, AG Palme Modelling auxin transport: past, present and future

Thu. 25.02.10

Seminar room ZBSA

Prof. Ralf Reski Transcriptional control of gene expression by microRNAs
Thu. 28.01.10 Prof. Jens Timmer What to measure when ? A new method for experimental design in Systems Biology
Thu. 10.12.09 AG Reth, Britta Blumenthal Mathematical modeling of the B-cell antigen receptor: oligomerization and signaling
  Thu. 26.11.09 AG Baumeister is not taking place
Thu. 29.10.09 AG Driever, Daria Onichtchouk Pou5f1/Oct4 transcriptional network controls developmental timing in zebrafish embryo
Thu. 24.09.09 Dr. Matias Simons Electrochemical Control of Planar Cell Polarity Signaling
Thu. 27.08.09 Stefan Rensing / Peter Pfaffelhuber, Andrej Depperschmidt Muller’s ratchet and plant evoution: a modeling approach
Thu. 30.07.09 Prof. Wolfgang Hess Analyzing the transcriptome of a simple organism by next-generation sequencing
Thu. 4.06.09 PD Dr. Bernhard Schermer, AG Benzing Kinase signaling networks involved in kidney degeneration and aging-associated kidney diseases
Thu. 07.05.09 Dr. Andrej Depperschmidt, AG Pfaffelhuber Modelling Protein Translocation: A Brownian Ratchet
Thu. 23.04.09 Dr. Christian Fleck, AG Timmer From protein dynamics to physiology: New insights into phytochrome B mediated photomorphogenesis
Thu. 26.03.09 Prof. Ralf Reski Moss Systems Biology
Thu. 26.02.09 Prof. Anke Becker Cell-cell signaling in rhizobia driving coordinated bacterial group behavior
Thu. 29.01.09 Prof. Thomas Laux Jasons search for Jens
Thu. 18.12.08 Prof. Rolf Backofen RNA Sequence Structure Properties
Thu. 27.11.08 Dr. William Teale, AG Palme Protein-protein interactions and polar auxin transport in Arabidopsis thaliana
Thu. 25.09.08 Dr. Wolfgang Schamel, AG Reth Modelling of the oligomerization of the BCR
Thu. 24.07.08 Dr. Daria Onichtchouk, (AG Driever) and Florian Geier (AG Timmer) A multi-scale modelling approach of Oct4/Pou5f1 – dependent state changes in the transcriptomes of zebrafish blastomers, neural precursors, and neural stem cells
Thu. 26.06.08 Prof. Peter Pfaffelhuber On the rate of Muller’s ratchet: facts, heuristics, asymptotics
Thu. 29.05.08 Dr. Katja Höpker, AG Benzing Signaling networks in DNA damage response
Thu. 20.03.08 Prof. Jens Timmer Design Principles of a Bacterial Signalling Network - Why chemotaxis is more complicated than needed
Thu. 31.01.08
Prof. Wolfgang Hess Regulatory RNA
Thu. 29.11.07 Dr. Enrico Schmidt, AG Baumeister Using C. elegans to dissect the systems biology of Parkinson’s Disease
Oliver Slaby, AG Lebiedz Self-organized spatiotemporal dynamics in human immune cells: functional insight by mathematical modeling